Healing Our Mother Earth with Strategies on Landfills: Environmental Summit Nov 5-6 on Six Nations

A summit is to be held November 5-6 on Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve. Liaisons from First Nations Communities across Ontario have been invited, as have liaisons from municipalities along the Grand River, to participate in dialogue and formulating strategies for mutual environmental concerns.

The summit is open to observers, though participation is limited to invited liaisons.

One specific goal of the summit is to come together to identify contaminated landfill sites across southern Ontario.   More broadly, the objectives of the summit are as follows:

1) To increase awareness among municipalities and groups about landfill issues.

2) To identify ways to work together to advance this issue, e.g., coalition

3) To identify legislative responses to landfill issues, including consideration of the creation of a Grand River Waterkeeper

4) To identify ways to get rid of garbage without the use of landfills.

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