NEW: Conflict in Caledonia: Aboriginal Land Rights and the Rule of Law – Introduction to the new book by Laura DeVries (UBC Press); pdf now available online.

Reclamation Links

Six Nations Solidarity News Archive from SISIS – No longer being updated, but an excellent archive source up to the end of July 2006.

Autonomy & Solidarity– this section of the website displays updates on issues surrounding the land reclamation in Caledonia

Six Nations / Caledonia Resource Page from the Autonomy & Solidarity website.

Six Nations Reclamation

Indigenous Solidarity Links

Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (SISIS)

CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group

Solidarity and Resistance

Friends of Six Nations


Roundtable on Six Nations: Land Reclamation Overview and Context– this item and the following three are all from Upping the Anti #3

New Socialist #58– A special issue devoted to indigenous resurgence, guest-edited by Taiaiake Alfred, Glen Coulthard and Deborah Simmons.

Indigenism, Anarchism, and the State: An Interview with Ward Churchill – From Upping the Anti #1

Warrior Societies in Contemporary Indigenous Communities – by Taiaiake Alfred and Lana Lowe, Upping the Anti #2

The Politics of Solidarity: Six Nations, Leadership, and the Settler Left – by Tom Keefer, Upping the Anti #4

Indigenous Anti-Colonialism: An Interview with Gord Hill – from Upping the Anti #5

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