November 7th, 2009: Rally for Six Nations Land Rights

Part 1: Tom Keefer of CUPE 3903’s First Nations Solidarity Working Group and Tim Currie of CAW

Part 2: Sharon Sanchez, Women’s Co-ordinating Committee for Chile and Canada and Max of CUPE 3906

Part 3: Janie Jamieson, Six Nations

Part 4: Melissa Elliot and John Henhawk of Young Onkwehonwe United (Y.O.U.)

Part 5: Melissa Elliot of Young Onkwehonwe United (Y.O.U.) and Rolf Gerstenberger of United Steelworkers 1005

Part 6: Ruby Montour of Six Nations

Part 7: Sarah Dover, Lawyer

Part 8: Sarah Dover, Lawyer, and Jim Windle, Editor of the Tekawennake

Part 9: Tim Reynolds of Two Row Understanding through Education (T.R.U.E.)

Part 10: Tim Reynolds, TRUE

Part 11: Aaron Detlor, Lawyer for the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI)

Part 12:

Part 13: CHCH news coverage of the rally

Edwards Landfill Interviews (2009)

Everett Giles, former Saint Lawrence Resin Plant worker, discusses his concerns regarding the Saint Lawrence Resin Plant and Edwards Landfill.

Lorna Walker, Cayuga Resident, discusses Edwards Landfill

Facing Down the Anti-Indian Movement in Canada

(double click for youtube, to watch the next 7 parts)

Andrea Smith on Conquest, Sexual Violence and Genocide

CHCH Video Coverage (2009)


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