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June 25 + 26: Solidarity with Six Nations Land Defenders

The April 28 Coalition would like to invite you to a speaking event to launch the new Six Nations Land Defenders Legal Defence Fund, followed by a day of court support for Francine “Flower’ Doxtator and Alex Hundert.

On June 25, the April 28 Coalition will be launching a new Six Nations Land Defenders Legal Defence Fund to support front line Haudenosaunee land defenders who have been criminalized and targeted by the state. We will be hosting a speaking event that evening to which you are invited.

On June 26, Francine “Flower” Doxtator and Alex Hundert will both be in court, in Cayuga and Toronto respectively. The April 28 Coalition would like to invite you to attend both court hearings, and for a bus ride to and from Cayuga for Flower’s afternoon hearing

Launch Event for Six Nations Land Defenders Legal Defence Fund, Speaking event with Francine “Flower” Doxtator, Alex Hundert, more speakers TBA

  • 6pm,  June 25 – San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre, 22 Wenderly Drive, Toronto

Court support for Alex Hundert, G20 Main Conspiracy Group, sentencing hearing: Alex is expecting to start a 13.5 month jail sentence.

  • 10am, June 26 – Metro West Etobicoke Courthouse, 2201 Finch W

Get on the bus to Cayuga: Support Flower and Six Nations Land Defenders

  • 12:30pm – 2201 Finch W, Toronto
  • UPDATE: bus sign up

Court support for Francine “Flower” Doxtator, Six Nations Land Defender, grandmother, and a member of the April 28 Coalition.

  • 2pm – Cayuga Courthouse, 55 Munsee St N, Cayuga
  • Facebook Event: LINK

Francine “Flower” Doxtator is a Haudenosaunee Land Defender, grandmother and a member of the April 28 Coalition from Six Nations. She is in court on June 26 in Cayuga to continue dealing with charges stemming from a February 18 incident at Kanonhstaton, the Six Nations reclamation site near Caledonia, where she and others confronted racist agitator Gary McHale’s planned incursion onto the site known as “the Protected Place.” She was later recharged for allegedly “breaching” unjust bail conditions when she attended the April 28 walk for “Peace, Respect and Friendship,” where people from Six Nations marched with allies under the banner, “We Are All Treaty People.” For more info on Flower’s case see: april28coalition.wordpress.com

Alex Hundert, a long term Indigenous solidarity organiser and activist, was one of 21 people who were hit with a series of conspiracy charges related to planning for the Toronto G20 protests in the summer of 2010. The G20 Main Conspiracy Group and many other activists and organisers were the targets of one of the biggest policing/intelligence/security operations in Canadian history, as the state and the cops sought to smash a burgeoning network of anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anarchist activists and organisers across the country.  For more info on Alex’s case see: http://alexhundert.wordpress.com/

At Six Nations, the last six years have seen a harsh criminalisation of Haudenosaunee Land Defenders. Dozens of people have faced criminal charges, several have served substantial time in jail. In Brantford an injunction was passed, making it illegal for anyone from Six Nations to be involved in a land claims protest within the city; in Flower’s case, we see the further criminalization of land defenders with bail conditions that attempt to keep her away from already reclaimed land.

The G20 in Toronto saw an unprecedented mobilisation—including the June 24 Day of Action for Indigenous Sovereignty and Land Rights—followed by an unprecedented intelligence and security operation and crackdown on dissent. Alex Hundert and 20 others were hit with conspiracy charges as the state sought to criminalize the very acts of organising protests and promoting solidarity.

The intelligence/security operation targeted a growing network of social movements, particularly anarchists, migrant justice activists, and Indigenous sovereigntists and their allies. However this criminalization is nothing new; the state has always criminalized Indigenous, racialized, and poor communities, and especially the resistance movements that spring from them.

Over the last two years, some of the G20 defendants and some of those convicted have received unprecedented levels of support from the activist community—which only goes to show how much potential for support there is in our communities. Currently as the Quebec student strike receives massive outpourings of solidarity and huge contributions to their legal defense funds, it is important to remember that the same level of financial and physical support has not arisen for Indigenous Land Defenders and other front line struggles. This needs to change.

On June 25, come to the San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre for a speaking event with Six Nations Land Defender Francine “Flower” Doxtator, solidarity activist and G20 “conspirator” Alex Hundert, and other speakers to be announced later. We will be launching a new Six Nations Land Defenders Legal Defence Fund and talking about the current state of land defense struggles at Six nations and the need for social justice movement solidarity with Indigenous struggles.

On June 26, come pack the courts for Flower and help send the message that we are all indeed “Treaty People,” and that we will support our allies and neighbours against the colonial practices of the Canadian state and the so-called justice system. It is time that Six Nations Land Defenders felt the full support of all of our social justice movements.

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Upping the Anti & Hamilton FreeSkool present: Countering Right Wing Backlash & Building First Nations Solidarity

Hamilton FreeSkool Practical Solidarity and Upping the Anti Present:

Anti-Native Organizing & the “Caledonia Crisis”: Countering Right Wing Backlash and Building Indigenous Solidarity in Settler Communities.

Wednesday, January 13th 7pm @ the Skydragon Center (27 King William St Hamilton)

Presentations, Discussion & Launch Event for Upping the Anti: A Journal of Theory and Action #9


The Six Nations people of the Grand River territory have been faced with a steadily increasing level of anti-Native organizing since they began the reclamation of the “Douglas Creek Estates” housing development in Caledonia in February of 2006. In addition to the large anti-native protests held by local residents, anti-native activists (who claim to speak on behalf of all non-natives) have organized a “militia” to oppose “native lawlessness,” have held protests against native smoke shops, and have supported actions of local governments to criminalize Six Nations land defenders. At the same time, there have been some important initiatives over the past several years that have seen non-native activists organize in solidarity with Six Nations and work on building on going relationships of solidarity and struggle.

Please join us on Wednesday January 13th at the Sky Dragon Centre for this public talk and to celebrate the launch of UTA Number 9.

About the presenters:

Katie Milley is a member of the CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group and the author of _“Where is John Wayne when you need him?”: Anti-Native Organizing & the “Caledonia Crisis”_ In Upping the Anti #9. Tom Keefer is an editorial committee member of Upping the Anti, an activist with the CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group, and the author of several articles on Six Nations land struggles.

About the facilitator:

Niki Thorne facilitates Hamilton FreeSkool’s ‘Decolonizing Practical Solidarity’ class and is also a member of CUPE 3903’s First Nations Solidarity Working Group.  She’s written several articles about Six Nations land struggles and anti-native activism for Mayday Magazine and has co-authored a forthcoming book chapter about the same.

For more information about this event please contact uppingtheanti@gmail.com or check out www.uppingtheanti.org

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