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Blatchford’s Helpless: Gross inaccuracies presented as fact

The Brantford Expositor–Editorial


I am getting very sick of reading Toronto columnists and mainstream media types perpetuating the grossly inaccurate perceptions of the Caledonia/Six Nations situation at told by Christie Blatchford in her book Helpless.

Since its release, others are going viral with these half-truths and fabrications.

Unlike Blatchford, who admits to not really knowing much about the situation before the Dave Brown/Dana Chatwell trial, I was there, on the ground, during the time frame Blatchford describes and afterwards.

Now, in his list of native atrocities in Caledonia, another arms-length author refers to arson attacks. Yes, there were — but they were all directed against the natives by non-native extremists and not the other way around as implied. In fact, there were four such attacks, two of which could easily have resulted in fatalities.

Any of us who were there know that the barricades came down a long time ago, the tire fires went out hours after they were lit on April 20, 2006, following the armed attack on a handful of sleeping natives and non-native supporters. There were no firearms allowed on the site even at the tensest of times, no crazed warriors running through people’s homes carrying AK-47’s with Russian insignia, and there never was. There were no arms stashes or tunnels under the soil of Douglas Creek, and there never was; Burtch is not being set up as an airfield for clandestine Warrior ops to fly in and out of, and there is no reason to continue with this BS any longer. That is, of course, unless some out-of-town opportunists see money in it.

Jim Windle Brantford


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