Video of Gary McHale from March 21st Rally

Quite a revealing little video from Timmer. Really funny to see Kinrade say that it’s “his” rally and then watch McHale running around making all the decisions about what to do without telling Kinrade. It’s also funny how McHale can’t seem to get it through his head that the anti-racism protest is made of non-natives — he’s obsessed about “the natives” taking over his event, when it’s actually non-natives that are there protesting him. And Christie Blatchford make a lengthy cameo appearance, hanging off Gary’s every word.

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One response to “Video of Gary McHale from March 21st Rally

  1. If Christie Blatchford was hanging off McHales every word, how come she didn’t write anything down? Too funny, that is. Thanks for sharing this infomative video of certain adults making fools of themselves. Surreal.

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