January 16, 2008 article in the Tekawennake News on Paul Fromm in Brantford

Tekawennake News January 16,2008

Jim Windle

Brantford may still be on the agenda for a white supremacist rally planned for Saturday January 26th.

An invitation to come to Brantford’s ‘Das Hate Kapital of Canada’ rally was first published on white supremacist website, stormfront.org and is being taken quite seriously, according to OPP and Brantford City Council.

The initial invitation reads, *’Brantford will be das hate kapital in
2008.’* Get together with us January 26th in the new year PM me for car
pooling, location and other info.’

It was posted by someone with the psuedonym Raghnall November 25th, 2007.

The most recent entries on the Stormfront Blog are dated January 8th, 2008 – ‘The invasion of Brantford is near.’ – and January 12 – ‘I really cannot wait to turn up the heat. It may be very cold on that day.
See you all there, bright and shiny.’

The exact time and location of the rally is not offered, only an invitation to PM (Personal Message) the author for more details indicating members of the blog would get this info.

Coincidentally, Canadas number one racist and white supremacist, Paul Fromm, will be conducting a rally January 20 in Mark Vandermaas’ hometown of London.

Fromm is originally from Chicago but moved to Canada a number of years ago and began a career as a teacher within the Peel Region School Board of Education.

He was Co-Founder of the ultra right wing group known as the Edmund Burke Society. He began to embrace the white supremacist ideology around 1972 and renamed his group, ‘the Western Guard.’

In 1997 Fromm was dismissed by the Peel Board of Education and soon founded another white supremacist group known as Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) which he set up to fight Canadas Human Rights Commission. His group defended anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers as well as advocated South African Aparthied policies.

He tried a career i politics with the PC party and became Teasurer of the Toronto Metro PC’s in 1981. He was soon asked to resign because of his ultra right wing speeches made in the name of the party.

Before that he was asked by Preston Manning himself to disassociate from the Reform Party because, Manning said, ‘Fromm embarrassed the party.

Fromm became a regular speaker at white supremacist and Neo Nazi ralliees and spoke at a special ‘Heritage Front’ celebration of the birth of Adolph Hitler.

He was eventually stripped of his teaching license for obvious racist bias.

Fromm has been seen at a number of Gary McHale/ Mark Vandermaas rallies along with a number of other ‘Known’ Neo Nazis.

‘One of Canadas leading White Supremacists, Paul Fromm (with cowboy hat) is pictured here at one of Gary McHale’s Caledonia rallies. McHales wife
Christine is in the foreground.’

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